Saturday, August 14, 2010

Belly Day

So Wednesday I started on Copaxone.  It is an immunomodulating (changes the immune system) drug used to try and slow down new lesions and flareups of Multiple Sclerosis.  I was kinda nervous at the thought of giving myself a shot everyday.  I have an autoject (contraption that holds the needle and injects it when u push the button).  You have to rotate injection sites because this medication has a notorious side effect of injection site reactions and deterioration of tissue at injection sites.  So today was belly day.  I was especially nervous about this.  But it was the easiest site so far in a way.....I have enough padding (fat) there so it didnt sting as bad as the other ones.  But being the only flexible spot it is a little wierd feeling now.  So yea I know most of this blog has been medical shit.  It is the biggest thing happening right now.  Oh and I want a tattoo so bad it is driving me crazy.  I shoulda been born rich.

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