Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I warned ya I might not write regularly

Well, here I am sitting at my computer wondering how my life got this way.  I never would have expected it even 5 years ago.  I used to pride myself on doing work that people didnt think I could.  Now it nearly "couches" me for a couple days when I walk a few blocks.  So I have been on Copaxone for a few months now.  My husband seems to think it is working wonders for me, but hes the one that would take the placebo and report back about how remarkable it worked.  I have bumps, knots, scars, scabs and bruises everywhere.  I hat thinking of taking something that might maybe possibly make this crap progress slower.  Yea, I guess I am at the anger stage of all this.  I have to decide whether to pay for my medical or pay bills/get groceries.  And it is because of MS.  It is such a central thing in our lives and it pisses me off.  I have to limit things, and it affects my family more than I like to admit.  I wish I could go back to when I didnt know I had it.  Things seemed simpler then.


  1. So sorry for your anger, but it is necessary. I guess all wish to go back to better times??

  2. sorry it took me a while to respond as my life has went insane lately....but...
    I have come to wonder if those times were actually simpler/easier or if time has softened the memories of the troubles for then.