Thursday, November 25, 2010

Its Been a Helluva Month

So, its been a while. Theres been a shit-ton of stuff going on. My kids gma (my ex's mom) was pronounced terminal so I spent my med money to get them down there to say goodbyes and for the funeral. That experience in and of itself was a major mind screw. Not to mention Ive been without meds so major mood swings, lots of pain.

Have an MRI scheduled for December to check if there are any new lesions. If so, then neuro will put me on a different CRAB med (Im on Copaxone now). I hope that doesnt happen. the side effects of the others scare me.

Thanksgiving went amazingly well..despite no money we managed to throw together a decent meal and had all the kids here...and it was all done in time for hubby to eat with us before he had to work. (happy face)

So although noone really listening thought I would update.

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